Nicolas Vernaz, from France, known for his DJ name DJ Vega, is spinnin EDM, Electro, House and Trance music since 2001 !

During this time, he played in more than 200 gigs in France, Switzerland or Australia, and is known for his skills both on Vinyl’s turntables and new digital stuff.

Then in 2007, he also started producing, and now have a track record of more than 70 releases with many labels, including remixes of big names like DJ Shog, Thomas Petersen, Pulsedriver, Rabih, Nicco, Aqualoop all stars, Moonsters or even Space Raven.

He is also the creator and owner of The Gathering Records, that has released its first tracks in 2015, and more than 20 tracks so far !!

Stay tuned !!